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StimaWELL® EMS takes the electronic mid-frequency 

training to the next level.

Not only in regards to reaction, speed and efficiency but also to pricing and services.

What is Ultra EMS Training?

It is a high intensive training for 20 minutes only in which you train more than 90% of your muscles at the same time.

StimaWELL® EMS is the original,

Made in Germany Give it a try and get excited!


Ultra EMS simultaneously stimulates all muscle groups while also implementing individual training stimuli. This training contributes to muscle building and regeneration

scientifically proven.


touch screen


rotary dial


card slot


port slot


Premium quality accessories for your training

Our training works with improved 12-channel suits for a real full-body workout. These suits are compatible with all kind of EMS training devices on the market. Ideal for the fitness of both the present and the future!

  • StimaWELL® EMS 12-channel suit

  • High-tech Ultra EMS stimulation suit

  • For effective Ultra EMS training

  • Perfect fit

  • Machine washable

  • Available in sizes XXS – 5XL

  • Exclusively complete EMS package

StimaWELL® EMS is fully compatible

with accessories from the manufacturers

Miha-Bodytec, Amplitrain and X-Body.

Underwear Suit

for Ultra EMS


for Ultra EMS


Train more than 90% of the muscles at the same time in 20 minutes

More than 50 different training programs will find the best solution for your personal health or fitness target!

Intelligent recovery programs promote regeneration 

and help you to reduce stress.

Organize your training simply and efficiently.

Work on all muscle groups simultaneously while also implementing individual training stimuli in order to contribute to both muscle building and regeneration.

  • Ultra EMS uses a mid-frequency training device proven medical quality – straight from the manufacturer

  • Ultra EMS builds firm muscles freely adjustable “bio-electrical” impulses get the body into the shape you want

  • Ultra EMS activates the metabolism promotes the decomposition of metabolic products and stimulates blood circulation

  • Ultra EMS promotes any kind of regenerationrecovery programs facilitate relaxation and reduce stress



Workout and Body Shaping with BodyStylers Dubai EMS Workout

Organize your training simply and efficiently.

To simultaneously work on all muscle groups while also implementing individual training stimuli is scientifically proven to contribute to both muscle building and regeneration

  • Shape your body

  • Lose weight

  • Build muscles

  • Strengthen your body

  • Increase maximum strength

  • Burn body fat

  • Spine improvement

  • Strengthen the back muscles

  • Strengthen cardio-vascular system

  • Get muscle relaxing massage

  • Get quick regeneration

  • Get a cellulite treatment

  • Activate your cells

  • Get your metabolism activation

The chart shows the positive changes in just a few weeks of EMS training from various studies. In conventional training, the muscles are controlled by electrical signals from the central nervous system to trigger contraction and movement. Up to 60% muscle activation are possible here.

During EMS training, electrical impulses activate the muscles from outside. The muscle does not care whether electrical stimuli are emitted by the brain or by electrodes. He reacts with contraction! Depending on the type of current, almost 100% muscle activation is possible in all main muscle groups. That's what makes EMS training so effective.

Start your first session for 90 AED Only

*For Personal or Business use