1. Download BodyStylers Ultra EMS App

2. Open the BodyStylers Ultra EMS App on your Mobile or Tablet

3. Tap the menu button

a. Tap "Avatar Icon"

4. Toggle "Group Mode" if your will train in group. Leave it if not.

5. User creation and information

a. Tap "+" New user"

b. Enter your personal information, Then tap "Create"

c. For group training you can add "New User" again

6. Once user is created, Go back to home page by tapping "<USER"

7. Turn ON the BodyStylers Hub. (Hold the power button for 3 seconds)

a. The light should turn "GREEN color"

8. Open Bluetooth in your mobile / tablet then tap "Scan" to connect

9. Connecting your Hub

a. The light should turn "BLUE color" once connected

b. You are now connected, Attach the hub to your suit and start your training

Group Training Mode Setup
Skip this instruction if you are not doing group training

10. Toggle "Group Mode"

11. Turn ON all BodyStylers Hub.

a. All lights should turn "GREEN color"

b. Tap scan and connect to each active BodyStylers hubs

c. Connect each hub to the ID number 1,2,3~ (maximum 7)

and assign a user

d. Check all BodyStylers hubs are connected and in "BLUE color" status

In Group Mode Menu you will see this option, You can select any users and modify their intensity and impulse individually

e. When your group are satisfied with the impulse then you can start group training.

Choosing a program or create your own

1. Program for advanced

2. Body weight benchmark 

3. ABS Activation

4. Aerobic Training

5. Relax

6. Create a new scheme

Once you selected any programs, Tap "Play Button" 

for first time users it will ask you to download the program

You will see this program page
Select any muscle you want to train or select

You can adjust the impulse by tapping "+" and "-" icons

You can toggle "Test" and it will run for (60 secs) check if you are satisfied with the intensity

if not satisfied you can re-run the test

You can adjust the impulse by tapping "+" and "-" icons

Once you are satisfied with your adjustments 

you can now tap "Start" and your training will start

Some workouts that come with the app do not immediately give stimulation,

but take you through a quick warm-up first

Important Note:

The gap between the intensity of each electrode pad should not exceed 30%.

If the intensity is very low, or you can't feel it all:

• Check the light if green and flashing on the BodyStylers Hub

• Check the BodyStylers Hub if firmly connected to the connector base of the suit
• Warm up your body to get a little sweat
• Spray water on the electrodes (avoid spraying the hub, Please consult us first)
• Check the intensity settings, sensitivity varies from person to person

If you feel a strong tingling sensation:

• Reduce the intensity or turn off the power and STOP using.

• Check if you have an open wound on your skin STOP using it.

If you feel very uncomfortable, ill, or exhausted:

• Turn of the hub and stop using your suit immediately.

• Wait until you are fully rested before using the suit again.

During Training

The BodyStylers EMS system is an efficient muscle stimulation training program that is not used more that twice a week for 20 - 30 minutes.

In addition, you can use any fitness equipment you normally use during your training, or participate in aerobics, yoga, pilates and other fitness classes.

After Training

• Turn off the BodyStylers Hub by holding the power button for 3 seconds.
• Wash the suit immediately, following the cleaning instructions below

• If you follow the instructions carefully, you can use the suit 400 times* and the battery can be used 500 times*. If you use the suit twice a week, Your EMS system will last over 8~10 years.

• Pay attention to your diet, and your intake of protein and vitamins. 
• Soreness or Pain after training is completely normal.

Caring for your BodyStylers Suit

• Washing: You can wash your suit by hand. (Recommended) 
• Or in washing machine.
• Washing machine settings: (easy care) max at 30°C and Rotation speed of 800 RPM
• Put the suit in a mesh laundry bag to secure them in place
• Do not rub vigorously
• Air dry your suit only

Do not:

• DO NOT Put your BodyStylers suit in a dryer

• DO NOT allow direct sunlight on the electrodes
• DO NOT dry your suit inside out
• DO NOT dry at high temperatures
• DO NOT put lotion on the skin before training

If you have any question feel free to contact us directly here:

info@bodystylers.ae or +971505004208